Single Phase Voltage from Three Phase Voltage Source

Jan 31, 2014

The post explains a simple relay changeover circuit for extracting single phase AC from a three phase AC source irrespective of the condition whether all the three phases are present or not. The circuit was requested by Mr. Biannz.

How to Generate Cold Electricity with a Simple Circuit

Jan 29, 2014

The post explains how to generate cold electricity using a simple circuit wherein a capacitor is charged with high voltage without consuming any power from the connected battery supply.

Light Dependent LED Intensity Controller Circuit.

Jan 25, 2014

The following post explains a simple ambient light dependent LED illumination controller circuit. The light fades or intensifies proportionately i response to the ambient light conditions. With brighter daylights, the LEd illumination gets softer and vice versa. The idea was requested by one of the dedicated members of this blog.

Programmable Diesel Generator Timer Circuit

Jan 19, 2014

The post explains a simple yet accurate programmable diesel generator timer circuit which can be used for achieving discretely programmable ON/OFF timing sequence for the connected diesel generator set. The idea was requested by Mr. Raj Kumar Mukherji.

12V 100AH Battery Charger Circuit

Jan 18, 2014

The proposed 12V 100ah battery charger circuit was designed by one of the dedicated members of this blog Mr. Ranjan, let's learn more regarding the circuit functioning of the charger and how it could be used as a trickle charger circuit also.

Car Door Close Optimizer Circuit

Jan 15, 2014

The post discusses and tries to solve a common car door opening issue which may be seen in quite a few old model cars. The proposed circuit of a car door close optimizer was requested by Mr. Mark Rothwell.

Wheel Rotation Detector Circuit - Optical Encoder

The post discusses a simple wheel rotation identifier or detector circuit which can be used for ensuring a continuous rotating movement of a concerned wheel through an LED, photodiode arrangement. The circuit was requested by nzb109.

Simplest Full Bridge Inverter Circuit

Jan 14, 2014

Among the different existing inverter topologies, the full bridge or the H-bridge topology is considered to be the most efficient and effective. Configuring a full bridge topology could involve too many criticality, however with the advent of full bridge driver ICs these have now become one of the simplest inverters one can build.

Safety Buoy Switch Circuit for Human Powered Submarine

Jan 8, 2014

The post explains a safety mechanism circuit which can be used in human powered submarines for safeguarding the diver during emergency situations. The idea was requested by Mr. Marielle.

Washing Machine Motor Agitator Timer Circuit

Jan 7, 2014

The article details a circuit design for controlling a washing machine motor agitator through a preset time sequence which also includes an alternate reversing of the motor rotation. The circuit was requested by Mr. E.Rama Murthy. 

Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera

Jan 3, 2014

As usual my friend Mr. Steven is yet again busy with his strange paranormal related experiments. This time he uses an Infrared camera to capture a snap of something that in the present world we recognize and detect as ghosts.

Automatic Inverter Output Voltage Correction Circuit

Jan 2, 2014

The post discusses a simple method which can added with ordinary inverters for achieving an automatic output voltage regulation in response to varying loads or battery voltage.

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