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Class D Amplifier Circuit Using IC 555

A Class D amplifier also termed as a digital amplifier uses pulse width modulation technology for amplifying the fed small amplitude analogue music signal. The main benefits of this type of amplifier are high efficiency, low cost, with the only drawback being the association of distortion if not cleaned with correctly calculated filters at the output.

Customizing a Homemade Pellet Burner Circuit

In one of my previous posts I discussed a simple homemade pellet burner circuit which incorporated various timer stages and other control stages for carrying out some of the standard pellet burner mechanism operations automatically without any human intervention.

Make this Simple FM Radio Circuit Using a Single Transistor

When it comes to making an FM receiver it's always thought to be a complex design, however the one transistor simple FM receiver circuit explained here simply shows that it isn't the case after all. Here a single transistor acts as a receiver, demodulator, amplifier to constitute a wonderful tiny FM radio.

Transformerless Power Supply Circuit with Surge Free Zero Crossing Switching Feature

A simple yet smart solution to the ever lasting surge problems in compact transfomerless power supplies can be effectively implemented via a zero cross switching circuit concept, wherein the input power from the mains is allowed to enter the circuit only during the zero crossings of the AC signal, thereby eliminating the possibility of surge inrushes. The idea was suggested by one of the avid readers of this blog. 

12V, 24V, 1 Amp Mosfet SMPS Circuit

The post investigates a cheap Chinese made 12V, 1 amp mosfet based smps circuit which can be modified into 24V 1 amp, or 12V 2 amp smps circuits also. The mosfet used is STB9NK60Z which is a highly advanced, rugged 600V 7A device specially manufactured for high, unpredictable, voltage environment circuit applications.

Make this Diwali, Christmas Running, Chasing Light Circuit

The post explains a simple, compact, transformerless light chaser circuit which can be used for illuminating mains operated lamps in a sequential chasing manner. The chasing effect can be altered by means of pot controls. The system can be used as a decorative lighting during festive seasons like in Christmas and Diwali. The idea was requested by Mr. Ashish.

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Sound Activated Automatic Amplifier Mute Circuit

The following article presents a simple sound operated/activated amplifier muting circuit which enables the amplifier to silence itself as soon a voice or an external sound occurs across the detector MIC. The circuit was requested by Mr. Seok Sothea.