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IC 4047 Datasheet, Pinouts, Application Notes

The IC 4047 is one of those devices which promises an unlimited range of circuit application solutions. The IC is so versatile that on many occasions it easily outsmarts it's close rival, the IC 555, let's study the datasheet and pinout details of this versatile chip.

Driving Three Phase Motor on Single Phase Supply - Circuit Diagram

Driving a three phase motor on a single phase supply directly through ordinary methods can be difficult and dangerous. It requires accurately designed circuits for implementing the operations. Here I have tried to present one such PWM controlled three phase motor driver circuit. Let's learn more.

Simple Electronic Load Controller (ELC) Circuit for Hydro Power Systems

The post explains a simple electronic load controller or governor circuit which automatically regulates and controls the rotational speed of a hydro electric generator system by adding or deducting an array of dummy loads. The procedure ensures a stabilized voltage and frequency output for the user. The idea was requested by Mr. Aponso

Single Phase Variable Frequency Drive VFD Circuit

Motors and other similar inductive loads specifically do not "like" operating with frequencies that might be not within their manufacturing specs, and tend to become a lot inefficient if forced to under such abnormal conditions.

How to Protect Mosfets - Basics Explained

In this post we comprehensively learn how to protect mosfets and prevent mosfet burning in electronic circuits by following some basic guidelines related to correct PCB layout, and careful manual handling of these sensitive devices.

Connecting Voltage Regulators 78XX in Parallel for Higher Combined Current Output

Voltage regulator chips mostly have their maximum current output specs fixed to some predetermined levels. Increasing them to a higher level would normally call for external out board transistors and complicated associated circuitry which might be difficult to configure for the new hobbyists. Putting a few of them in parallel, possibly solves the problem.

5630 SMD LED Driver/Tube light Circuit

The post explains a simple transformerless SMD 5630 type LED tube light circuit which can be built by anybody for illuminating home interior cheaply. The idea was requested by Mr. Smeet.

Half-Bridge Mosfet Driver IC IRS2153(1)D - Pinouts, Application Notes Explained

The IC IRS2153(1)D which is fundamentally a half bridge mosfet driver chip can be actually used for a number of different interesting circuit applications such as boost converters, solar compact inverters, and if two of them are coupled can be even configured as a full bridge mosfet driver circuit. Let's learn more about this interesting device.

Homemade Inductance Meter Circuit

The article discusses a simple yet accurate, wide range inductance meter circuit. The design utilizes only transistors as the main active components and a handful of inexpensive passive components.

Making a Parasite Zapper Circuit

An interesting electronic parasite zapper circuit shown below was successfully built and tested by my friend Mr. Steven. Let's learn more about the proposed circuit.