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Dual Battery Charger with Isolator Circuit

The post explores an innovative automatic dual battery charger with isolator circuit for alternators and engines, which allows monitoring of the charge levels of two individual batteries, and switching them across the loads appropriately. The idea was requested by Mr. Daz.

10 Step Relay Selector Switch Circuit

The post explains a simple yet useful 10 step selector switch circuit which can be operated using a singe push-to-ON switch. In the following design the circuit is used as a 3 step, single push motor speed controller unit. The circuit was requested by Mr.Edalcor.

Industrial Motion Sensor Circuit

The post illustrates an industrial motion sensor circuit using a couple of LDRs, an IC and a few other passive components. The circuit senses the movement of a cylinder illuminating the appropriate LEDs for the required detection. The idea was requested by Mr.Hasnain.

Stun Gun Circuit

The post explains a high voltage generator circuit which may be employed as a stun gun circuit for keeping intruders from reaching an individual with dangerous intentions.