Making an LED "Halogen" Lamp for Motorbike Headlamp Replacement

Jul 30, 2013

The post explains a simple 21 watt LED lamp circuit module which can be used as a direct replacement for a standard halogen lamp in motorcycles.

Convert SMPS into a Solar Charger Circuit

Jul 29, 2013

The post explains how to convert smps into a solar charger circuit. The method will result in an extremely efficient and fast solar charging of the connected battery.

Understanding MPPT Solar Charger Circuit - How Actual MPPT works

Jul 25, 2013

Here we try to understand the actual circuit concept of MPPt type of solar charger controllers and learn how do these devices work.

Motorcycle Headlamp Battery Over Discharge Protector Circuit

Jul 23, 2013

A simple motorcycle battery over discharge protector circuit is explained in the following post. The circuit will prevent the battery from overdischarging by the motorcycle headlamp whenever the mo-bike alternator is not enabled or is idling in the neutral mode in which case the battery is normally subjected to excess loads via the headlamp bulb.

Simple AC Mains Short-Circuit Protector Circuit for Protecting Power Amplifiers

Jul 21, 2013

The simple short circuit and overload protector design presented here can be used for protecting valuable mains operated gadgets like amplifiers, TV sets, DVD players or any other similar appliance. The circuit was requested by Mr. Ashish.

Underground Water Pump Motor Dry Run Protector Without Probes

Jul 18, 2013

The circuit idea presented here shows a simple method by which  insufficient water conditions inside an underground tank can be sensed without introducing probes inside the underground tank, and thus preventing any possibility of motor dry running. The circuit also incorporates an overhead water overflow control feature. The idea was requested by one of the interested readers of this blog.

Make this TV Remote Jammer Circuit

Jul 15, 2013

The proposed TV remote jammer circuit can be used for freezing and scrambling all TV remotes under the  specified vicinity.

Simple Triac Timer Circuit

Jul 12, 2013

Here's a simple triac timer circuit which can be used for switching ON a particular device after a predetermined time, set through the given pot or the variable resistor.

Simple 5 to 20 Minute Delay Timer Circuit

Jul 10, 2013

The article discusses a simple 5 to 20 minute delay timer circuit for a specific industrial application. The idea was requested by Mr. Jonathan.

Simple Audio Spectrum Analyzer Circuit

Jul 8, 2013

The post explains a simple yet accurate spectrum analyzer circuit which can be easily made at home and used for analyzing the audio from a music system or simply as a decorative musical device.

Illuminating four 1 watt LEDS with 1.5V Cell - Joule thief Circuit

Jul 6, 2013

Can you imagine illuminating four numbers of 1 watt LEDs through a a few 1.5V cells? Looks quite impossible. But it can be done simply using a coil of ordinary speaker wire, a transistor, a resistor and of-course a 1.5V pencil cell.

Simple RF Remote Control Circuit without Microcontroller

Jul 5, 2013

The article explains how to make an RF remote control circuit using ready-made RF modules and without incorporating microcontroler ICs.

Selectable 4 Step Low Voltage Battery Cut off Circuit

Jul 3, 2013

The post explains a circuit configuration which facilitates a multi-step low voltage selection and cut-off for the battery being used and monitored. The circuit was proposed by Mr. Pete.

Motor dry Running, Tank Overflow Water Level Controller Circuit

Jul 2, 2013

The post explains a very simple water level controller circuit which is able to implement and restrict overhead water overflow as well as dry running of the pump motor. The idea was requested by Mr. S.R. Paranjape.

Bike Magneto Generator to 220V Converter Circuit

Jul 1, 2013

The post discusses a circuit design which converts a generator low voltage output into 220V DC and produces sequencing light illuminations across many bulbs in response to increasing voltage from the generator. The idea was requested by Mr. Ken.

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