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Make this Car Air Ionizer Circuit

The post discusses the construction of a car air ionizer circuit which can be used for cleansing the atmosphere of car interior from smoke, pollution, dust particles, bad odor, pollen particles etc. The circuit was requested by Mr. Edalcor Zuproc.

55V 110A N-Channel Mosfet IRF3205 Datasheet

The following post explains the main features of mosfet IRF3205 which is fundamentally rated with drain current at a massive 110 Amps, and voltage ranging up to 55V, ideally suitable for inverter, motor control, choppers, and converter applications.

Variable Surge Free High Current Transformerless Power Supply Circuit

The following post discusses a simple transformerless power supply circuit whose output can be varied from zero to the maximum specified voltage level. The design also ensures the availability of relatively high currents, and protection against switch ON surge currents. Designed by "Swagatam".

Car Head Lamp Fader Circuit - Breathing Effect Generator

The proposed circuit of a modified car head lamp fader, "breather" circuit generates a slow flashing effect over the head lamps every time the lamps are switched OFF. The "breathing effect" continues for a certain predetermined period after which the process automatically shuts off. The circuit was requested by Mr. Ray.

Car Turn Signal Flasher Circuit with Lamp Malfunction Indicator

The post discusses an automotive/car turn signal indicator circuit idea with a built-in load malfunction indicator, meaning an additional LED lamp fitted on the dashboard which would warn if any of the side indicators went bad or fused. The idea was researched and requested by Mr. Abu-Hafss.