15V 10 Amp Adjustable Voltage Regulator Circuit Using IC LM196

Apr 29, 2013

The following article explains a linear voltage regulator circuit using the IC LM196 which is capable of handling up to 10 amps of current and is able to provide a variable output right from 1.25V to 15V DC.

Simple Pure Sine Wave Inverter Circuit - 500 Watt Pure Sine

Apr 27, 2013

The post explains how to make a pure sine wave inverter using ordinary components and yet get reasonably outstanding results.

Programmable Temperature Controller Circuit for Reptile Racks

Apr 26, 2013

The following article discusses a temperature controller circuit which can be used for controlling the temperature inside reptile racks. The idea was requested by Mr. Tom.

12V 5 Amp Fixed Voltage Regulator IC 78H12A Datasheet, Application Note

Apr 24, 2013

The post explains the technical specifications, datasheet, and application notes of the IC 78H12A which is a voltage regulator IC capable of providing a fixed regulated 12V output at maximum 5 amp current.

Programmable Timer Controller Circuit for Homemade Pellet Burner

Apr 23, 2013

The following post explains a programmable sequential timer with controller circuit which may be used for automatically controlling a homemade pellet burner/boiler system. The circuit was requested by Mr. Vasilis.

Clap Clap Switch Circuit - Double Clap Switch Circuit

Apr 22, 2013

The following article shows how to build a clap switch circuit which operates a load only in response to two subsequent clap sounds. Thus the following circuit will operate a load when a "clap clap" sound hits the attached mic.

Automatic Micro UPS Circuit

Apr 20, 2013

The following article discusses a simple automatic micro UPS circuit which can be used with modems for acquiring uninterrupted power from a DC source, and battery during mains power failures. The circuit also incorporates an automatic over charge cut off, and a low battery indication feature.

Simple Solar MPPT Circuit - Part 1

Apr 13, 2013

A simple yet effective solar panel MPPT charger circuit can be built using a couple of 555 ICs and a few other linear components. Let's learn the procedures.

Solar Water Heater with Battery Charger Controller Circuit

Apr 9, 2013

The proposed solar water heater with battery charger controller circuit explains a simple method of utilizing the excess solar energy from a solar panel for heating water in water tanks or swimming pools or poultry egg chambers. Normally the circuit also functions like an automatic solar battery charger, and simultaneously powers domestic electrical appliances.

H-Bridge Inverter Circuit Using 4 N-channel Mosfets - Modified Sine Wave

Apr 8, 2013

The following post describes an H-bridge modified sine wave inverter circuit using four n-channel mosfets. Let's learn more about the circuit functioning.

1 Watt LED Emergency Lamp Circuit Using Li-Ion Battery

Apr 7, 2013

The post describes a simple 1 watt led emergency lamp circuit using li-ion battery. The design was requested by one of the keen readers of this blog, Mr. Haroon Khurshid. 

Simple Mosfet Switch Circuit with Delay Timer

The following article discusses the use of a mosfet as a switch for toggling high current loads efficiently. The circuit can be also transformed into a delay OFF circuit with simple modifications. The design was requested by Mr.Roderel Masibay.

Li-Ion Battery Charger Circuit Using IC 555

Apr 3, 2013

The following post explains a straightforward yet precise Li-Ion battery charger circuit using the ubiquitous IC 555.

How to Modify a Square Wave Inverter into a Sine Wave Inverter - Concept Explored

Apr 1, 2013

The post explains a few circuit concepts which can be employed for converting or modifying any ordinary square wave inverter to a sophisticated sine wave inverter design.

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