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Automatic Micro UPS Circuit

The following article discusses a simple automatic micro UPS circuit which can be used with modems for acquiring uninterrupted power from a DC source, and battery during mains power failures. The circuit also incorporates an automatic over charge cut off, and a low battery indication feature.

Solar Water Heater with Battery Charger Controller Circuit

The proposed solar water heater with battery charger controller circuit explains a simple method of utilizing the excess solar energy from a solar panel for heating water in water tanks or swimming pools or poultry egg chambers. Normally the circuit also functions like an automatic solar battery charger, and simultaneously powers domestic electrical appliances.

Simple Mosfet Switch Circuit with Delay Timer

The following article discusses the use of a mosfet as a switch for toggling high current loads efficiently. The circuit can be also transformed into a delay OFF circuit with simple modifications. The design was requested by Mr.Roderel Masibay.