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Simple DC UPS Circuit for Modem/Router

The following explained circuit of a DC UPS can be used for providing back up power to modems or routers during mains failures, so that the  broadband/WiFi connection never gets interrupted. The idea was requested by Mr. Galive.

Simplest, Safest Li-Ion Battery Charger Circuit

Li-Ion cells are probably the most complex when it comes to charging them, because these cells are quite vulnerable to overcharging, and tend to get hot at unfavorable conditions. The following post explains a simple yet a safe way of charging a Li-ion cell which can be easily constructed at home.

Simple, Reliable Infrared (IR) Remote Transmitter/Receiver Circuit

Ordinary IR remote control circuits have one big drawback, they easily get disturbed by stray external frequencies, and thus produce spurious toggling of the load. The circuit discussed here eliminates this issue, and detects only the specified IR frequency from the given remote transmitter unit.