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Simple Burglar Alarm Circuits

The following article discusses a few very simple intrusion detector circuits, or simply burglar alarm circuits. The presented designs are simple yet extremely effective with the functions.

Using an NTC Thermistor as a Surge Suppressor - Datasheet, Specification

Today electronics is getting more and more compact and light weight, it's basically due to the involvement of compact converters which have completely eliminated the age old iron cored transformers. However this had to come at a cost, these units became too vulnerable to switch ON power surges.

But electronics always has appropriate answers, whatever may be the issues. NTC thermistors were created exactly for tacking this, that is in-rush surge currents during power switch ON.

Double DC Input Hybrid Energy Charger Circuit

The following post describes a simple idea which enables the processing of two different sources of DC inputs derived from different renewable sources. This hybrid renewable energy processing circuit also includes a boost converter stage which effectively raises the voltage for the required output operations  such as a charging a battery. The idea was requested by one of the interested readers of this blog.