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Generate Electricity from your Gym Workout with this Circuit

The article explains the circuit implementation of an interesting concept of converting physical energy into electricity. Here we learn a simple method of converting or channelizing the wasted gym workout energy into useful electrical energy. The idea was requested by one of the keen members of this blog, let's know more:

Make this Enhanced Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) Circuit for Better Mileage - For two and Three Wheelers

The following post describes a simple capacitive discharge ignition system which derives its operating voltage from the battery instead of the alternator for generating the igniting sparks. Since it works independently from the alternator voltage, it functions more efficiently and consistently, enabling a much smoother ride of the vehicle even at lower speeds.

25 Li-Ion Battery Charger Circuit

The article explains a simple circuit which can be used for charging at least 25 nos of Li-Ion cells together quickly, from a single voltage source or a 12V battery. The idea was requested by one the keen followers of this blog, let's hear it :