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Alternating ON/OFF LED Fader Circuit - Slow Rise, Slow Fall LED Effect Generator

The following article explains a simple circuit which can be used for alternately switching LEDs with gradual brightening and fading effects. The circuit can be effectively used for generating creepy effects, for example it can be used for illuminating the eyes of a Jack-o'-lantern during haloween celebrations.

How to Generate PWM Using IC 555

The IC 555 is an extremely useful and versatile device which can be applied for configuring many useful circuits in the field of electronics. One very useful feature of this IC is its ability to generate PWM pulses which can be dimensioned or processed as per the needs of the application or the circuit.

Single Transformer Inverter/Charger/Changeover Circuit

An inverter circuit design  may be quite incomplete if it's without an appropriate integrated battery charger circuit. Though you may find many inverters having an integral battery charger, the section will mostly employ a separate transformer for implementing it. The following article describes a unique design which utilizes the inverter transformer for power inverting as well as for charging the battery.

Single Phase Preventor Circuit

We all know that for operating heavy electrical loads three phase power or AC is required in order to make the functioning efficient and viable. However this necessitates the presence of all the three phases at all circumstances. If any of the phases fail, can cause catastrophic consequences to the connected systems. The following artice offers a simple yet effective solution for tacking the above conditions.

Automatic Door Lamp Timer Circuit

The article explains a simple automatic door light timer circuit which activates every time the door is opened, and switches OFF after a predetermined time if the door is kept open for too long. The circuit was requested by one of the avid readers of this blog, Mr. Juan. Let's learn more.