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Make a Single Chip Programmable Voice/Audio Recorder Circuit

The article explains a single chip circuit which can be used for recording short voice clips or any audio clip ranging from 20 to 60 seconds. The incorporated IC APR9600 is a programmable voice recorder chip which facilitates infinite number of recording/erase of audio files in it as per user preference.

How to Modify an SMPS Circuit

SMPS stands for switch mode power supply and it's the modern and most compact/efficient way of acquiring low voltage DC from mains AC source. However making an SMPS at home may not be as simple as making power supply units using traditional iron core transformers. Also getting an SMPS with custom specs may not be that easy, in fact impossible if the voltage/current specs are far away from the regular values.

Using a Fan Dimmer for Controlling LED Tubelight Intensity

The circuit idea presented in this article can be used for controlling the intensity of many LEDs  through a ceiling fan dimmer switch unit. This circuit was requested by Mr. Joseph who wanted a simple method through which an ordinary home dimmer switch could be integrated with a chain of LEDs for controlling its brightness from zero to max. Let's learn more.

3 Watt, 5 Watt LED DC to DC Constant Current Driver Circuit

The following article provides a simple yet very decent solution for driving powerful LEDs rated at 3 watt or 5 watt. These LEDs are able to produce highly intense and powerful light outputs, however these are extremely vulnerable too with their operating parameter. Let's learn more how to operate these devices very safely  using a simple power supply.

25 Amp Solar Battery Charger Circuit

This circuit is capable of providing as high as 25 Amps of current at any specified voltage between 1.25 V to  30V as per the adjustment of the given pot. The current is constant irrespective of the voltage settings. The circuit can be used for charging batteries in range of 50 to 200 AH.

Converting Ordinary Rice Bulb String Light to LED String Light

Whether it's during a  festive occasion or for mere decoration purpose, the Chinese rice bulb flashing lights have become  hugely popular nowadays  These can be seen as multiple interlaced wire strings consisting of many different colored minute rice shaped bulbs which produce variety of lighting patterns when switched ON. Though these generate stunningly beautiful illuminations, are not much reliable.

1 Watt LED Driver Using a Cell Phone Charger

Nowadays probably all of us have a spare cell phone charger lying idle in our cupboards or table wouldn't it be a great idea if we could employ it like a super bright 1 watt LED driver and illuminate our room with white cool moon light.

Cell Phone Emergency Charger Pack Circuit

It often happens, our cell phone goes into a low battery condition right in the middle of an important conversation, and even worse it happens while we are travelling or situated in some remote outdoor location where there's no charging facility available. No matter what, this little pack will give your cell phone an immediate refill every time it tends to get flat outdoors.