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Simplest AM Radio Circuit

The following circuit was taken from an old electronic book, it is indeed a very nice little two radio receiver which utilizes very few components yet is able to produce output over a loudspeaker and not just over headphones.

1 watt LED Driver Using a Joule Thief Circuit

A joule thief circuit is pretty popular with all electronic hobbyists, because the concept allows us to operate even the white and the blue LEDs from a 1.5V source which normally require 3V to illuminate brightly. The present article discusses one such circuit, however here we replace the traditional 5mm LED with a 1 watt LED.

Designing a Grid-Tie Inverter Circuit

A grid tie inverter works quite like a conventional inverter, however the power output from such inverter is fed and tied with the AC mains from the utility grid supply. As long as the mains AC supply is present, the inverter contributes its power to the existing grid mains supply, and stops the process when the grid supply fails.

Solar Panel/AC Mains, Relay Changeover Circuit

The discussed automatic change over relay circuit was requested by Mr.Karimulla Baig. The circuit normally charges the connected battery at constant current through the power received from the solar panel, and reverts to DC power from an AC/DC adapter in the absence of solar energy (during night time). Let's the read the request in more details:

High Voltage, High Current DC Regulator Circuit Using IC 741

We all are pretty familiar with the 78XX voltage regulator ICs or the adjustable types such as LM317, LM338 etc. Though these regulators are outstanding with their specified functioning and reliability, these regulators have one big disadvantage.... they won't control anything above 35V. The circuit presented in the following article introduces a DC regulator design which effectively counters the above issue and is able handle voltages as high as 100V.

Automatic 40 Watt LED Solar Street Light Circuit Project - Part-1

Today solar panels and PV cells have become very popular and in the near future we would possibly see everyone of us using it in some or the other way in our life. One important use of these devices has been in the field of street lighting. The following article discusses one such interesting circuit which comprehensively explains the making of a 40 watt fully automatic solar street light system circuit (exclusively designed by me).