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Understanding and Using a Piezo Transducer

A piezo transducer is a device primarily used for converting an applied frequency to audible sound. It may be compared to a loud speaker, the only difference being the handling capacity and the operating principles.

Cell Phone Call Alert Security System Circuit

This circuit will give call back alerts in the form of blank calls on your cell phone whenever it senses a break in or intrusion inside the particular restricted area where it has been installed for the intended security monitoring.

Water Level Indicator Circuit

There are many posts in this blog which essentially explain water level controller circuits, with the specific intentions of switching the involved motor pump when the tank fills up.
However there are folks who just require an indication of the different levels of water in the tank rather than have an automatic shut off facility.

Add this Short Circuit Protection to Your Power Supply

A power supply unit is an indispensable unit for every electronic enthusiast and engineers working in the relevant field. Though today all of us use hi-tech power supply units having built-in protection, there are folks who still rely on ordinary types of power supply units with no protection facility.

How to Check a MOSFET Using a Digital Multimeter

MOSFETs are outstanding devices when it comes to amplifying or switching of various kinds of loads. Though transistors are also largely applied for the above purposes, both the counterparts are hugely different with their characteristics.

Simple LED Bulb Circuit

LEDs are being Incorporated in vast magnitudes today for everything that may involve lights and illuminations. White LEDs have especially become very popular due to their mini size, dramatic illuminating capabilities and high efficiency with power consumptions.

2 Tone Ringtone Generator Circuit

The IC LS1240A from SGS Thompson is specifically designed for generating a 2 tone ringtone generator circuit. Thus the IC specifically becomes suitable for landline telephones for producing the ringtones when a call is received.

Understanding Transistor 2N3904

The transistor 2N3904 comes under the category of small signal, low power, general purpose transistor, mainly applicable for switching and for signal amplification.

Automotive Electronic Fuse Circuit

A fuse is a device used in electrical wiring for preventing accidental fire hazards due to to a short circuit or overloads. In ordinary mechanical type of fuses, a special fusible wire is used which melts when there's short circuit at some point in the wiring.

How to Make a Simplest 100 Watt MOSFET Amplifier Circuit

MOSFET based amplifiers as we all know are outstanding with their sound qualities and they can easilly beat the performance of other counterparts based on power transistors or linear ICs.
However amplifiers based on mosfets are not always easy to design or make.

Earthquake Sensor Circuit - Seismic Sensor Circuit

The article shows an earthquake sensor circuit idea which incorporates an innovative way of detecting the minutest of shocks caused by a possible earthquake tremor. The circuit is so sensitive that it is able to detect tremor of 4 on the Richter scale, yet remains unaffected to loud sounds or irrelevant bangs or noises.

Simple Light Dimmer Switch Circuit

In this post we learn through two examples how to build a simple light dimmer switch circuit for controlling light intensity with pot, using the principle of triac phase chopping.

How to Make IC 741 Application Circuits - Power Amplifier and Regulated Power Supply Circuits

This blog includes many interesting circuits which incorporates the IC 741 as the main active component for implementing the proposed functions. The present post explains yet a couple of more useful IC 741 application circuit ideas especially designed for the new electronic hobbyists.

Simple Clap Operated Stairway Light Switch Circuit

Stairways, corridors or small indoor passages often tend to be dark throughout the day irrespective of the outdoor ambient light conditions. Therefore keeping such passages illuminated all the the time becomes imperative, however this leads to unnecessary wastage of electricity.

Simple Clap Switch Circuit Using Transistors

In one of my earlier post we learned a simple clap switch circuit which incorporated an IC for implementing the desired flip flop actions. The present design uses a different principle and utilizes only transistors for the above triggering actions.

Car Shock Alarm Circuit

Today most of the cars are equipped with this type of security feature where an alarm is raised in an event of a shock or a hit made over the car body. The article explains a very simple and cheap car shock alarm circuit which costs hardly 1/2 a dollar yet performs the actions reasonably accurately.

How to Make an Incubator Timer Circuit - Egg Incubation Optimizer

A timer circuit design which could be used for turning the position of the eggs in an incubator between predetermined intervals of time was requested to me by one of the keen readers of this blog, Mr. Eugene. 
The requested circuit has been exclusively designed by me and published here, 

Sound Activated Alarm Circuit

A simple sound activated alarm circuit is a device which is used for triggering an alarm on detection of a sound vibration. The sensitivity of the unit is set externally according to the requirement of the user.

How to Design a Power Supply Circuit - Simplest to the Most Complex

Whether it's an electronic noob or an expert engineer, all require this indispensable piece of equipment called the power supply unit. This is because no electronics can run without power, to be precise a low voltage DC power, and a power supply unit is a device which is specifically meant for fulfilling this purpose.