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How to Make a 25 Amp, 1500 watts Heater Controller Circuit

Controlling heaters rated as high as 1500 watt requires stringent specifications with the controlling unit for safe and effective implementation of the intended operations. With the advent of advanced snubber-less Triacs and Diacs making heater controllers at massive watt levels has become relatively easier today.

Simple LED VU Meter Circuit

VU meter or a volume unit meter circuit is a device used for indicating the music volume output from an amplifier or a loudspeaker system. It may be also considered as a device for displaying the PMPO of the amplifier at a particular volume setting.

How to Make a 220V to 110V Converter Circuit

Primarily there are two AC mains voltage levels that are specified by countries across the globe. These are 110V and 220V. The USA works with a 110V AC mains domestic line while European countries and many Asian countries supply a 220V AC to their cities. Folks procuring imported gadgets from a foreign region having a different mains voltage specs find it difficult to operate the equipment with their AC outlets because of the huge difference in the required input levels.

How to Make a Telephone Amplifier Circuit

The simple telephone ring tone amplifier circuit explained in this article saves the inconvenience of picking the telephone handset while speaking over a call. This circuit also particularly becomes useful when there's a need of the conversation to become audible to a number of people or a group of people.

How to Use an Opamp as a Comparator

In this post we comprehensively learn how to use any opamp as a comparator in a circuit for comparing a input differentials and producing the corresponding outputs.

Homemade 2000 VA Power Inverter Circuit

Making a power inverter circuit rated above 2000 VA is always difficult, mainly because of the involved transformer dimension which becomes quite huge, unmanageable and difficult to configure correctly.

Simplest 1 Watt LED Driver Circuit at 220V/110V Mains Voltage

White LEDs are the lighting solutions of the future, simply because these devices can be lit brightly at relatively negligible power consumption. As an example, 1 watt LEDs are getting very popular nowadays due to their mini size and intense point brightness outputs, and as usual these require just  a watt at 4 volts for generating dazzling illuminations.

Simple DC Cellphone Charger Circuit

It is estimated that there are probably more cell phones in India than the number of toilets present here. Astonishing, but true. A simple DC cell phone charger circuit is one of those mates of cell phone that cannot be ignored because a cell phone would be dead without a charger.

How to Make a Simple 12 V, 1 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Circuit

With the advent of modern ICs and circuits, the age old iron transformer type of power supply are surely becoming obsolete. Today power supplies are much compact, smaller and efficient with their functioning. Here we discuss one outstanding switch mode power supply circuit which can be easily built at home for deriving clean, ripple free 12 V DC.

How Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Work

SMPS is the acronym of the word Switch Mode Power Supply. The name clearly suggests that the concept has something or entirely to do with pulses or switching of the employed devices. Let's learn how SMPS adapters work for converting mains voltage to a lower DC voltage.