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How to Make a Mains AC Short Circuit Breaker/Protector Circuit

A short circuit in a house wiring may appear to be something which happens very seldom and folks aren’t too interested to get any relevant precautionary measure installed in their houses and take the hazard very casually. However once in a while due to some accidental fault, a short circuit in the mains wiring becomes inevitable and it the happening causes a disaster and huge lose. At times the consequence leads to fire hazards and even lose of life and property.

IC 4060 Pinouts Explained

Another versatile device, the IC 4060 has numerous applications and can be used for implementing various useful functions in an electronic circuit.

Build Simple Transistor Circuits

A compilation of important assorted transistor simple circuits to build has been included here. Many simple transistor configurations like, rain alarm, delay timer, set reset latch, crystal tester, light sensitive switch and many more have been discussed in this article.

Car Burglar Alarm Circuit

Learn how to build a simple car burglar alarm circuit right in your home. The circuit is built around a few trivial components and yet proves to be totally fool proof with the security of car accessory to which it has been integrated.

Making a Time Machine - Concept Explored

Wondering how to travel in time? Learn it with great Sir Stephen Hawking, according to whom time warp may be an option but seems pretty impractical, the reason being the feed back loop which will just oppose the feasibility of making a time machine and the concept using this theory.

Constant Current Charger Circuit for Lead Acid Battery

Are you looking for a constant current charger circuit to facilitate a safe and automatic charging of your lead acid battery? A simple circuit presented here using the IC L200 will simply show you how to build a constant current lead acid battery charger unit.

How to Build a Simple Room Temperature Monitor Circuit

A very simple yet highly precise air temperature sensor gauge circuit has been presented here. The use of the highly versatile and accurate IC LM 308 makes the circuit respond and react superbly to the smallest temperature changes happening over its surrounding atmosphere. Diode 1N4148 is used as an active ambient temperature sensor here.

How to Build a Simple Egg Incubator Thermostat Circuit

An electronic incubator thermostat circuit shown in this article is not only simple to build but is also easy to set and acquire exact tripping points at various different set temperature levels. The setting may be completed through two discrete variable resistors. The sensing range is quite good from 0 to 110 degrees Celsius.

Cell Phone Controlled Door Lock Circuit

Controlling your door lock through your personal cell phone was never this easy. Learn how to build a simple electronic circuit that will help in converting your ordinary door lock into a high security door lock which can be now controlled through your own cell phone.

How to Build a 2-Stage Mains Power Stabilizer Circuit - Whole House

In this power stabilizer circuit, one relay is wired to select the high or the low tap from the stabilizer transformer at some particular voltage level; whereas the second relay keeps the normal mains voltage switched in, but the moment there’s a voltage fluctuation it toggles and selects the appropriate HOT tap via the first relay contacts.

Simple Flip Flop Circuits

A very simple yet effective electronic toggle flip flop switch circuit can be built around the IC 4017. By adding just a handful of other passive components the circuit can be made to toggle accurately through subsequent input triggers either manually or electronically. Circuit schematic is included.

Build a Solid State SCR/Triac Controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

This, one of its kind and hard to find triac control AC voltage stabilizer circuit has been designed specifically just for you. Being solid state in design, the voltage switching transitions are very smooth with minimum wear and tear, resulting in efficient voltage stabilization. Discover the whole construction procedure of this unique, solid state mains voltage stabilizer.

How to Build a Simple Hi Efficiency LED Torch Circuit at Home

A simple LED torch circuit that would light up 3 white LEDs from a 6 volt supply and would make your battery last forever is described here. A useful voltage doubler circuit is incorporated here to make a highly efficient circuit using just a handful of components. Learn more how to build it.

How to Connect LED Lights - Easy Clues

Learn in this article through a simple formula how easy it is to connect your own LED displays, now you don't just have to wonder how to wire led lights? but actually can do it, know the details here.

Make a Hi-End RF Remote Control Circuit

Building a hi-end remote control device using very few components today looks pretty plausible. The proposed remote control light switch circuit idea provides you with the opportunity of building and owning this amazing device through simple instructions. Moreover the unit provides a 4-bit data to be exchanged between the transmitter and the receiver modules.

Simple Clap Switch Circuit

Want to build a simple clap switch circuit that will toggle any load in response to your claps? The article is meant exactly for the said purpose. A small sound activated switch circuit comprising a sound amplifier and a flip flop is presented here, which can be easily built and used to toggle any electrical gadget through hand claps.

Make a Workbench Multimeter Circuit With the IC 741

Testing and troubleshooting electronic project circuits requires a multimeter, so why not make the circuit of a homemade multimeter itself as your next electronic project. Interesting homemade circuits like an Ohmmeter, voltmeter, ammeter are discussed here using the IC 741 and just a few other passive components.

40 watt Electronic Ballast Circuit

Simple electronic fluorescent ballast circuits are difficult to find and build. A simple homemade electronic 40 watt ballast circuit is neatly explained in this article. The PCB layout of the proposed electronic fluorescent ballast is also provided along with the torroid and the buffer choke winding details.

Make a Simple Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) Circuit

An Earth leakage circuit breaker unit will silently monitor the electrical condition of your appliances and the Earth connection of your house. If anything goes wrong with them it will instantly switch off the mains and stop any further associated loss. A simple ELCB circuit is discussed here.

Make a High Power 250 Watt MosFet Amplifier DJ Circuit

The powerful DJ 250 watt mosfet amplifier circuit design provided in this article is reasonably easy to build and will produce thumping music into the connected loudspeaker. Use of HEXFETs at the output ensures monstrous current and voltage amplification.

Simple Frequency Counter Circuit Diagram Using a Single IC 4033

The circuit shown below can be used for measuring frequency or Hz. The IC is very simple to make and utilizes just a single IC 4033 and a common cathode display as the main ingredients. If higher frequencies in the the order of two or three digits are required to be measured, then simple the number of modules can be connected in series as described.

Simple DC Over-voltage Protector Circuit Diagram

A very simple DC over voltage protector circuit is shown below. The transistor is set to monitor the input voltage applied to it from the left, in case the voltage rises above a specified limit, the transistor conducts, providing the required current to the SCR, which instantly fires, shorting the output and thus protecting the load from the hazard. It's also called a Crowbar circuit.

Make a Simple Music Controlled Christmas Lights Circuit

Building your own music controlled Christmas lights may not be as difficult as it may appear to be. The article discusses two simple configurations which may be used to decorate a party hall. The first circuit employs colorful LEDs which when integrated to a music system, interestingly dances forward/backward in a sequential pattern with the applied music intensities. The second circuit involves mains powered incandescent lamps and produces the same results as above imitating and sequencing with the connected music peaks.

Make an Electronic Candle at Home

It does not use wax, paraffin or flame, yet the device perfectly simulates a conventional candle. Basically it incorporates ordinary electronic parts like LED and battery. The interesting part of it is that it can be extinguished with literally a puff of air.

Illuminating 100 LEDs from 6 Volt Battery Circuit

The article explains an innovative way of driving more than a hundred white LEDs from a 6 volt battery. The circuit utilizes the IC 555 for driving a step up transformer, whose output is finally used for illuminating the LEDs. A special PWM configuration makes the circuit much power efficient.

Sequential LED Bar Graph Circuit Using IC 4017 Explained

The article describes a simple method of making an incremental LED bar graph by using the IC 4017, which is rather equipped with specifications not suiting the present functions. Let’s learn how we can mod the IC for the operations.

Homemade Solid State Relay (SSR) Circuit Explained

Mechanical type of relays can be pretty inefficient in applications which require highly smooth, very swift and clean switching. The proposed circuit of an SSR can be built at home and used in places which require truly sophisticated load handling.

How To Calculate and Connect LEDs in Series and Parallel

Read this article to briefly understand how to calculate LEDs, and design circuits with them, through simple series, parallel connections.
In this article you will know the basic tricks to calculate LED in series and parallel and learn how to design a large numerical led display.

Simple LED Tubelight Circuit - Explained Comprehensively

Explained in a very lucid style and through a schematic the complete construction of a LED light tube circuit which can be operated directly from the 230V AC mains of your domestic supply. This will not only save electric power but also help curb the global warming issue.

A Homemade Fence Charger, Energizer Circuit Explained

The electric fence charger circuit presented here is basically a high voltage pulse generator. The super high voltage is derived from a commonly used automobile ignition coil. An astable multivibrator is used to generate the required frequency to drive the ignition coil. Another astable is used to control the pulses supplied to the fence.

Simplest, Efficient 1 Watt LED Driver Circuit

As can be seen in the diagram, the concept hardly utilizes any circuit or rather does not incorporate any hi-end active component for the required implementation of driving a 1 watt LED.

10 LED Simple Roulette Wheel Circuit Diagram

A very simple 10 LED roulette wheel circuit is shown here. pressing the button starts the LEDs in a rotational motion (sequencing) at full swing initially, and gradually slows down, until it stops to a particular, randomly selected LED.

LED Music Level Indicator Circuit Diagram

The shown LEDs in the circuit sequentially light and "dance" as per the level of the music applied at the input, preferable directly from the speaker terminals of the audio gadget whose music level is to be monitored.

Simple Current Controlled LED Tube Light Circuit Diagram

The given circuit of a current controlled LED tube light uses a couple of high voltage transistors which works on a very basic principle for implementing the required current control operation. Resistor R2 is placed for converting the rising current to voltage across itself.

One Transistor Automatic Battery Charger Circuit

A very simple single transistor automatic battery charger circuit is described in this article, which uses just a single transistor for the voltage detection as well as for automatically disconnecting the battery from the supply when it gets fully charged.

High Current Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit

This high current lead acid battery charger circuit can be used for charging high current lead acid batteries in the order of 100 to 200 AH, the design is perfectly automatic and switches of the power to the battery and also itself, once the battery gets fully charged.

Transformerless LED Emergency Light Circuit

I have presented a few number of interesting LED emergency light circuits in this blog, but these mostly include a transformer for charging the associated battery. In this article we discuss a emergency lamp circuit that's free from the usual bulky transformer.

PWM Motor Speed Controller Circuit Using IC556

Controlling or varying a DC motor speed may appear to be not so difficult and you may find plenty of circuits for it. However these circuits do not guarantee consistent torque levels at lower motor speeds, making the functioning quite inefficient.

Simple Transformerless Power Supply Circuit

A very compact simple transformerless power supply circuit is explained here using the concept of capacitive reactance for stepping down the input AC mains voltage. The idea is cheap yet very effective for applications that require low power for their operations.

Mains High Low Voltage Cut Off Circuit, Using IC 741

In the earlier chapter we learned a simple configuration of over voltage and under voltage protection circuit using a couple general purpose transistors. Continuing from there the following description explains a similar circuit using a couple of opamps. The inclusion of op amps makes the circuit operations much accurate and tripping points adjustable to any levels as desired by the user.

Transistor Latch Circuit Explained

A latch circuit can be used to lock or latch the output of the circuit in response to an input signal and sustain the position even after the input signal is removed.
The output may be used to operate a load controlled through a relay, SCR, Triac or simply by the output transistor itself.

Vehicle Immobilizer Circuit Explained

If you own a car and still haven’t incorporated any security system in it or perhaps your old security system is out of order, you can quickly opt for a cheap yet effective security option for your car or any vehicle by installing the proposed circuit. It will cost you not more than a dollar.

How to Make Spy Bug Transmitter Circuit

Here we’ll discuss how to make an electronic spy bug circuit using two methods, one that consists of wire link from the transmitter to the receiver, and the other which is completely wireless and can be used to eavesdrop a particular conversation over a range of about 30 meters, over an ordinary FM radio.

Automatic Water Level Controller circuit

The article a very simple automatic water level controller circuit design which can be  used for controlling the water level of an underground water tank by switching the pump motor ON and OFF, depending upon the relevant levels of water in the tank and the position of the immersed sensor points.

LED Tube Light Circuit

Using white LEDs for illuminating our homes is becoming popular nowadays, due to the high power efficiency involved with these devices. The diagram shows a straightforward configuration involving many LEDs, arranged in series and parallel.

Simple LED Emergency Light Circuit

The article describes a very simple homemade emergency light circuit that can be used during power failures and outdoors where any other source of power might be unavailable.

Simple Automatic Street Light System

A super simple light activated switch circuit is explained here. The circuit can be used for automatically switching ON and switching OFF a particular lamp or group of lamps in response to the varying ambient light levels. The unit once built can be used for switching OFF a lamp when dawn breaks and switching it ON when dusk sets in.

Variable Power Supply Circuit Using IC LM317

Whether it’s an electronic noob or an expert professional, a variable power supply unit is required by everybody in the field. It is the basic source of power that may be required for various electronic procedures, right from powering intricate electronic circuits to the robust electromechanical devices like motors, relays etc.

How to Hook Up a Solar Panel System - Living of the Grid

It’s been there since the earth was born and it is here to stay probably even after mankind is completely wiped of from this planet. You guessed it right; we are taking about the sun, the sole source of energy that keeps our planet and us alive. Of late humans have started realizing the many hidden important benefits mankind can get from this fire-ball, which never says “die.”

7-Stage Mains Voltage Stabilizer Circuit

In this article we discuss an interesting circuit which can be used  for controlling our mains AC line fluctuations and for producing very accurate stabilized voltage outputs for our domestic electrical appliances.

5 KVA to 10 KVA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Circuit - 220 Volts, 120 Volts

The diagram shows a rather simple voltage stabilizer design which can hold huge output power in the order of 5 to 10KVA. The use of SSR or solid state relays makes the output stage easy to configure and very accurate - thanks to the modern SSRs which are designed to trigger massive power in response to smaller input DC potentials.

AC Mains Surge Protector Circuit

Spikes or voltage surges can sometimes be a big nuisance as far as the safety of the various electronic appliances are concerned. Let's learn how to make a simple AC Mains surge protector circuits at home.

Simple Peltier Refrigerator at Home

We are all familiar with a Peltier device and know how it functions.

Basically it works on the principle of thermo-electric effect (opposite of Seebeck Effect) where a potential difference is used for making or producing hot and cold temperatures over the two ends of a dissimilar metal assembly.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Using IC 555

The proposed IC 555 based pure sine wave inverter circuit generates accurately spaced PWM pulses which imitates a sine wave very closely and thus can be considered as good as its sine wave counter part design.